Learners and teachers can connect through our state-of-the-art
virtual classroom equipped with live audio, video, whiteboard and text
chat elements. WiZiQ allows the teachers to teach at their own terms
and even facilitates payments for their teaching and tutoring
services. It’s free to join.
WiZiQ provides an opportunity to learners and teachers to connect with
like minded people regardless of their geographical location. WiZiQ
helps to initiate contacts between members, to exchange knowledge and
content, and to help each other work towards common goals such as
preparing for an exam or assignment. WiZiQ allows members to produce
content online and convert it in a sharable format, with minimal
effort. The content can be made semi-permanent, easy to put on blogs,
and embeddable as objects and links. All sessions on WiZiQ are
automatically recorded so that they can be revisited and searched for,
anytime, as per convenience.
Thousands of teachers use WiZiQ’s Virtual Classroom to teach students
across the world from their schools, colleges, universities and other
educational institutions. Teachers use WiZiQ as a tool for their
teaching business, without the need of physically being with their
students; any teacher on WiZiQ can make money online by teaching from
home, or anywhere.

Here are some of the advantages of WiZiQ (www.wiziq.com)
Teach and Learn: Use WiZiQ's Virtual Classroom for synchronous
online teaching and learning. Equipped with live audio/video, text
chat, document/whiteboard sharing, and session recording capabilities,
this web conferencing tool is available for unlimited free use.
Connect: Meet other teachers and students who are pursuing subjects
and topics of common interest. Connect and communicate with them via
e-mail or through the live, online Virtual Classroom. Search by topic
or simply click a tag.
Share: Share PowerPoint presentations with students, teachers and
friends in video format online on WiZiQ. Find content created by other
members or upload own content to build a content library.

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