What is WebCT?

WebCT - Advantages
-Accessible from home, library, campus
-Easy to add all students (uses course ID#)
-Many quiz settings and options
-multiple attempts allowed (or not)
-make quiz available on a certain date
-take Quiz 2 only after passing Quiz 3
-Automatic grading and Gradebook entry
-Print out quiz attempts with feedback

  WebCT - Disadvantages

-Who is taking the quiz?
administer brief in-lab quiz
-Quarterly maintenance, Site license
-need a lab coordinator (1-2 h per quarter)
-self-registration can be enabled
-Files must be loaded one at a time
-can zip/unzip multiple files
-Non-sizeable frames _ small viewing area
-Occasional incompatibilities, bugs

-Students are better prepared
-Students make fewer mistakes
-Students ask more in-depth questions
-Last-minute prelabs are eliminated
-Best results if quizzes factor into grade

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