What Is Mobile Learning?

Most researchers and educators probably view mobile learning as the immediate
descendant of e-learning. Pink wart, etal. (2003) for example, defines
as ‘learning supported by digital “electronic” tools and media’, and
by analogy,
mobile learning as ‘elearning that uses mobile devices and wireless

Quinn (2000) defined it earlier, as simply learning that takes place
with the help
of mobile devices, or the intersection of mobile computing (the application of
small, portable, and wireless computing and communication devices) and
e-learning (learning facilitated and supported through the use of
information and
communications technology).

In line with this definition, several authors (e.g., Turunen, et al.
2003) view mobile
devices as a pervasive medium that may assist us in combining work, study and
leisure time in meaningful ways.

Traxler (2005) defined it as “any educational provision where the sole or
dominant technologies are handheld or palmtop devices.”

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